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We are located at 1803 Sun Valley Drive, Suite D, Jefferson City, Missouri, 65109...

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Good Morning Doctor Newman: Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU! 11:00 am today is my off...

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The Revolutionary Neuro Lap Band Therapy™, a program that was sp...

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RoseHeart Hypnotherapy

Through research, education and the clinical application of this conviction...

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Welcome to RoseHeart Hypnotherapy, formerly The Missouri Hypnotherapy and Research Clinic. For years we have continually helped others to explore within themselves and to understand how our subconscious mind influences our behavior, affects the events of our lives, and empowers us to achieve our dreams and goals.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that the subconscious mind is a goal machine…More

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We are full time Subconscious Behaviorists who practice every aspect of Hypnotherapy. The American Psychology Association stated “what can be achieved in 600 sessions of psychotherapy can be achieved in 6 sessions of hypnotherapy.”

We are affordable, fast, and effective.  Additionally we specialize in elimination of ADD, ADHD, PTSD, and Pain……. More> 


What people are saying

I saw Dr. David Newman on Channel 8, NBC, Pepper and Friends, and was amazed with his on-air hypnosis session. He had the host of the show go into a deep trance, and used a Bio Feedback monitor to measure the stress system of the host during the session. It was amazing to listen to the tone get lower as the host went deeper into trance. It was the best on-air display, and physical proof, of someone actually going under hypnosis. It’s also amazing that all of this was under the pressure of TV News show! Good stuff, David”
Mark B, H L C

I will forever be grateful to Dr. Newman for giving me a second chance at life.  With Dr. Newman’s comprehensive program of hypnosis, behavior modification, exercise and a simple, and a healthy food guide to stabilize my blood sugar.  I have not been hungry and the weight is coming off. Thank you, Dr. Newman for proving that miracles are still possible.”
Rose L.
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The Revolutionary Neuro Lap Band Therapy™, a program that was specifically designed by Dr. David Newman, D.Sc., C.Ht., provides people with an alternative for those who wanted to have the Medical Gastric Lap Band Procedure; however for one reason or another they didn’t qualify to have the procedure done.  Click here for more!