Interview with Carol Rice, C. Ht.

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Carol Rice, C. Ht. is one of the most accomplished hypnotherapist in North America.  Graduating from the famous Hypnosis Motivation Institute in California, Carol graduated with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.  This is no light accomplishment since the HMI pCarol Promorogram is 700 classroom hours of hypnotherapy and 300 classroom hours of handwriting analysis.  In addition to the formal training she has served a 10,000 client hour residency under the supervision of a Certified Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist before she was permitted to formally join RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers, Inc., and in December Carol was selected as one of the 20 Most Influential Hypnotherapist in North America by Modern Hypnotherapy Magazine.  This blog entry is taken from an interview that was conducted by Modern Hypnotherapy Magazine and published in the December 2015.;

Today, we will be discussing on of the most interesting and cutting edge therapy in the world.  That therapy is called Spiritual Regression and Progression.  Unlike past life regression that is based on the concept of reincarnation,  SRP allows the hypnotherapist to regress or progress (based on the individual beliefs) of the client into the spiritual world of the afterlife.

MH: Carol tell me how you got interested in Spiritual Regression and Progression?

CR: Well, first I had never heard of or even considered anything in the “spiritual world” before I met Dr. David Newman.  I was born and raised in Rich Fountain, Missouri, and very conservative catholic.  The concept of being able to go to the spirit world was totally outside of my reference point; I mean I was taught about being good, going to confession, being honest, hardworking, and taking care of my family.  But SRP took everything I had learned, been taught as a child and teenager, and literally flipped it on its head.  As part of my residency I had to observe different types of therapies, study them, study the case notes and then review my finding with Dr. Newman.  I noticed that clients who came in for SRP seem to have similar experiences when they were in the spiritual world.  I contacted the SRP clients that I had observed and began asking them about their religious beliefs and backgrounds.  To my surprise, our SRP client base had no standard religious view point.  My question was; without a common thread of belief and report the same images, almost identical order that things happened in, the appearance of the council chamber, the elders, guides, sounds, colors, and soul groups.  It is amazing, and I wanted to learn more.

MH:  Has the SRP work that you and Dr. Newman have done changed your opinion of what happens when a person dies?

CR:  Well, yes and no.  I believe something happens, our soul in my opinion is energy and I know scientifically that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it simply transforms.  So, yes I believe that my soul will go on forever; however, my concept of heaven and hell have changed.  I am no longer certain that there is a “heaven” or “hell” but the soul does go somewhere, but I am not prepared to say where.  I too have lots of unanswered question.

MH: Have you ever gone though SRP therapy?

CR:  Yes, Dr. Newman performs SRP therapy on me on a regular basis, and I perform SRP therapy on him.  We often go to our council and get advice about issues we have in the practice.  We also visit the council when we have personal issues.  I have found that my Elders and Guides are a resource that I can use to improve my life.  

MH:  How long is an SRP session?

CR:  Hmmmm, that is a loaded question because Dr. Newman, and I use sessions that last a little over 1 hour; however, when we accept a SRP client there session is usually three hours long, and our SRP package is three individual sessions.

MH:  Could you tell us about how you became a Hypnotherapist

CR:  Gosh, I am the most unlikely person to become a hypnotherapist.  As a kid, I hated school.  I wasn’t inspired, our teachers were boring, and I didn’t really see any future outside of working a clerical job with the state of Missouri, work hard, and retire.  But, I also had a medical issue that made my outer extremities very cold.  Everyday I dressed in wool, had a heater underneath my desk, as a kid, I was called the “walking dead,” “Ice Princess” and lots of other names.  For over 20 years I was poked, stuck, probed, electric neurological exams, and those took pain to an entire new level.  Basically, ever treatment failed, until one day my sister told me about Dr. Newman.  I thought it would be a total waste of time, but I hated feeling the way I did, always cold, and never being able to get warm.  So, I came to Dr. Newman, and he said he could fix me.  I thought yeah, right.  After my first session I was warm, I returned back to work, and I continued to be warm all day.  After a couple of days, I started getting cold again, I called and he scheduled me for another session.  The bottom line is after 4 session, I was warm, and I have remained that way.  Currently, I am submitting an article to the Mayo Clinic, New England Journal of Medicine, and to Johns Hopkins University, for peer review of Dr. Newman therapy.  So basically it was my own miracle that promped me to want to explore hypnotherapy more.  I returned to school and Dr. Newman helped me every inch of the way.  I graduated with a 4.0 GPA.  I was floored, and in the process Dr. Newman, started a fire in my heart for education.  I tell everyone that it took me 50 years to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

MH:  Last Question, ready?  Where are you going from here?

CR:  Wow, I am currently enrolled at UC Davis Medical School where I am continuing my medical education, I am also enrolled in classes at MD Anderson, and once I finish, Dr. Newman, has pointed me to the department of Neuroscience at Duke University.

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