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At RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers, our priorities are People First.  We take care of our clients, employees/associates, and family equally.  That means as your therapists you have access to us 24/7.  No excuses, no matter of the time of day or night, weekend or holiday, your phone call is answered by your therapist!  All of our hypnotherapists are neuroscientists and as such we work with out clients very differently than hDavid Brown Bkgnd 2ypnotist and “hypnotherapist” who have not graduated from accredited schools of hypnotherapy.  Every hypnotherapist at RoseHeart has a minimum of 700 classroom hours of instruction, practical labs, and testing, and a minimum of 300 classroom hours of handwriting analysis.  Once, graduated our hypnotherapist serve a 10,000-hour residency in a clinical setting under the direct supervision of a Certified Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist.  RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers has the most
demanding formal and continuing education requirement of any 
hypnotherapy practice in the United States.  Expect results from us, we make sure you receive the results you want.

Will Insurance cover my therapy?

Many of our therapies are reimbursed by insurance companies.  We need to have your doctor write a prescription for our services based on the issue we are treating, such as PTSD, depression, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, smoking cessation, or weight loss just to name a few.  We will provide you with invoices with the disclosure of services and coded with the proper CPT codes that insurance companies require.  We do not guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse for our services but most do.

Dr. David Newman, D. Sc., a Certified Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist, is a Neuro Scientist who has devoted his life to understanding the subconscious mind.  Dr. Newman is the creator of many therapies including the Neuro LapBand, the Magic Pill, Step Down Smoking Cessation, Neuro Mindwave therapy, BiLaterial Hypnosis, removing the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, and The Rapid Removal of PTSD symptoms.  Dr. Newman is a frequent guest on National Public Radio, NBC, ABC, CBS, and is a popular speaker at hypnosis conferences, and motivational events.  Click on the image  to view his professional biography.


Carol Rice

Carol Rice, Certified Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist, is a Neuro Scientist who is currently continuing her education at the Charles Dendinger School of Neuro Science, Yale University Medical School of Neuro Science, and UC Davis Medical School in the areas of psychology, neuropsychology, and near death experience.  Ms. Rice became interested in hypnotherapy when at the suggestion of her sister, came to see Dr. Newman to treat her Raynaud’s Phenomenon that she had suffered with from age 5 until age 48.  Dr. Newman resolved all symptoms of her Raynaud’s Phenomenon in four sessions.  Ms. Rice scheduled an appointment with her primary care physician who confirmed that she no long showed any of the symptoms of Raynaud’s Phenomenon and was completely baffled when she told him about going to a hypnotherapist for treatment. Ms. Rice enrolled in the prestigious Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California, the first nationally accredited school of hypnotherapy in North America.  Ms. Rice, graduated September 20, 2013, with honors a perfect 4.0 GPA and she immediately began serving her clinical internship at RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers, in the evenings and weekend while maintaining her full-time employment with the state of Missouri department of Labor Division of Employment Security.  At the completion of her internship, Ms. Rice retired from her state employment and began working as a full-time hypnotherapist.  Ms. Rice has specialized in Brainwave Mapping, BiLateral Hypnosis, and Autism, ADD/ADHD, and behavior modification using hypnosis for children.  Ms. Rice co-authored the Success Ledger that allows individuals to rewrite their subconscious life scripts without the assistance of a therapist.

We are a full-service hypnotherapy practice serving all every issue; however, we have excelled in the treatment of very difficult cases in the areas of ADD/ADHD, PTSD, Weight and Eating issues, Success Training, Autism, Neuro Feedback, Brainwave Mapping, Neuro-Training, and Relationships.

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