Beating Cancer Forever

Here it is, your enemy, Cancer the cells that are triggering your emotions and causing you all of the worry, pain, fear, anger,  and it can be beaten!  We provide an adjunct treatment that works hand in hand with the cancer treatment you are receiving from your oncologist.  Hypnotherapy has been proven effective in the treatment of all cancers.  The Cancer Centers of America, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, and hundreds of other main stream medical facilities have incorporated hypnotherapy as part of their treatment plan.

Your journey begins with a clinical intake.  During the clinical intake we will specifically address every issue you have.  Additionally we will test your suggestibility, place you into hypnosis, and start you on your road removing your fear, stabilize your emotions so you can take control of your future.  Our treatment protocol has been proven to work with all cancers; however, we have a strong track record success with Stage 4 cancer patients.

Dr. Newman, D.Sc., C.Ht. is the only hypnotherapist in Missouri who has taken in excess of 500 hours of training in using hypnotherapy in the treatment of Auto Immune disorders including cancer.  With over 2,000 patient hours of experience in achieving full recover.

This treatment requires the client to sign an disclosure form so that we can share information on our treatments with your oncologist and they can exchange information on the progression of your condition.