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Let’s be honest, there are very few professions where one can actually control their income, expenses, maximize their fun and make a fortune at the same time.  Sales is one of those professions where you can!  The problem is 99% of the the people in sales, from management to the grunt in the trenches, haven’t got a clue how to hit the magic number of one million dollars in commissions each and every year without fail.  To be honest, most of the people in sales management have never ever hit the one million dollar mark, but these are the people who are trying to teach, motivate, and get a sales force producing.  Why?  Because they get overrides for each sale.  Nope they are in the trenches you are, but they are the ones telling you how to close that sale.  So let’s break the cycle and start having you knock your sales numbers off the curvature of the earth, starting today!

Killing The Myth of Sales 

The product you are pitching doesn’t matter.  The prospects you are talking to don’t matter (provided they have the money to actually purchase the product).  Finding something in common?  Nope, understanding some of the great concepts such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), no way, “find the prospects need and fill it?”  You must be kidding!  Let’s stop going over all of the old tired sales hype and get right to the meat of this topic.  All previous sales and motivational training only address the conscious mind, and that is 10% of your mind, the remainder is the subconscious and that 90% controls absolutely everything from health, to how you act and react to everything in your life.  

Everything about sales is communication, but not at the conscious level, at the subconscious level and that is an area that no sales trainer, sales organization, or motivational speaker addresses, but that my friend is the secret.  Speaking in terms that your prospects subconscious accepts and that guarantees the sale regardless of what the item is, or how much it cost.  The job of the sales professional is not to force someone into something (the old hard sale), but to guide the prospect into saying yes.

Making and Breaking The Sale

Most sales executives, and sales professional focus on making the sale, they are so focused “Always Be Closing” that they NEVER EVER BREAK THE SALE, yet using a combination of making and breaking the sale is one of the most effective closing techniques that has ever been taught.  Everyone knows about making the sale, but how about breaking the sale?  Never heard of that one did ya?  Breaking the sale is the key to avoiding buyers remorse.  This single secret allowed me to grab clients from the competition in less than 10 minutes.  That single client moved $2,458,900 into my management account.  The real money was achieved ten days later when this client referred 30 additional clients to me, each moving the money away from another money manager.  This single method is based totally on the subconscious communication and will guarantee you the sale every time.

Your Success Factor Was Determined For You By Age 14

If you are like most people this statement will scare the poop right out of you.  Unfortunately it is 100% true.  You and I think we are in control of ourselves, our decisions, and we are captains of our own ship.  The truth is we aren’t.  From the ages of 0-14 we learned though observation or our authority figures how to form relationships, all relationships.  Relationships to the subconscious are:  Work (associate relationships), Friends (personal relationships), they type of person we will marry, or if we get married, the kind of home we will have, will we buy or rent, will we work for ourselves, or secure a job, how much money will we make, the kind of car we will drive, will we even own a car, and about 10 billion other things that make up our life, was actually carved in stone by age 14.  This is called the subconscious life script, and the best part is it can be rewritten, but not by going through the conscious mind, it must be done at the subconscious level.

The Secret For Success

Everyone is looking for the magic secret of success, well I’m going to spill the beans right now and tell you.  The secret for success is 10,000 hours of face to face sales.  Notice I said face to face sales, not doing research, not talking on the phone, not listening to tapes, or anything else.  For example if I take the most gifted sales person, and a person who is struggling because they do not have the “natural ability” after 10,000 hours of face to face sales they will be closing virtually the same number of deals.  Our training greatly reduces the time line for achieving the desire results.  We specialize in working with sales professionals in every field from aircraft, luxury real estate, yachts, land, cars, and the list goes on.  We only work with motivated people who want to maintain control in every aspect of the sale, who are willing to break out of the typical mode of sales techniques that are outdated, and ready to move into the 21st century and use the subconscious to achieve results beyond the fantastic.

Working with Dr. Newman and the RoseHeart Team

We work with individuals, small, medium, and large sales organizations.  Our methods have never failed to produce the desired results.  We have always been ones who like to have “skin in the game” when we take on a sales organization, so be sure to ask us how we can guarantee the success of partnering with RoseHeart to train your sales organization.  

Face to face training is by far the best way to teach our methods; however, sometimes that isn’t possible. We offer world wide face to face training, video training using our own servers, and we offer special immediate emergency telephone assistance just on the off chance you encounter something you don’t know how to handle, we can walk you though a successful close on the phone.

At RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers, results are all we look at!