NeuroFeedback and Mindfulness


Most insursurance companies now reimburse for our Neurofeedback programs.

NeuroFeedback WomanNeurofeedback (NFB), also known as EEG feedback, offers an additional treatment option for people with eating disorders, addictions, mood disorders, PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety and attention deficit disorder. The scientific community is taking Neurofeedback seriously. There are 120 research institutions currently running trials with the device, including the Mayo Clinic,  where researchers are determining whether Neurofeedback can help breast cancer patients reduce their stress during surgery. Neurofeedback has been around since the 1960’s but it has not yet gained huge traction as a mainstream intervention, probably because the medical schools train to use pharmaceual medication for all interventions. In addition, NFB equipment is used to be overly expensive, so many clinicians shy away from using it.  Now NFB research quality equipment is affordable and in some cases your insurance company will actually reimburse you for the purchase.  Nonetheless, there is a growing body of research showing neurofeedback efficacy in treating these disorders. In fact, The American Academy of Pediatrics has determined that NFB is a level two evidenced based practice in the treatment of ADHD. Neurofeedback also stabilizes the brain to reduce anxiety and depression, allowing for better, more lasting recovery from eating disorders and/or other addictions. It will not solve all your problems; and it can help stabilize your brain enough for you to do the recovery work necessary for lasting change.

At RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers, we have selected to use the Muse Neurofeedback devices in combination with our proprietary brainwave music.  After trying other equipment, we determined this combination of physical devices combined with our brainwave music offers us the best results, in the least amount of time. Rooted in technology, neurofeedback is a 100% non-invasive, drug-free, brain training system that helps the central nervous system (CNS) make the best use of your brain’s natural resources.  Neurofeedback training is extremely powerful and effective.  

How does neurofeedback work?

Our brains, the controllers of our bodies, are intricate systems of chemical and electrical activities with about 100 billion neurons. While we know a lot about how the brain works, there is still a lot to learn. What we do know is that the brain is designed to adapt to changes in the body and our environment and function well at all times. However, for a variety of reasons- genetics and environment- the brain gets “out of whack”, so to speak, and does not function as well as it is able. The brain then becomes “dys-regulated also know as fight syndrome”.   Simply put, a dys-regulated brain tends to be over-stimulated when it is supposed to be calm and under-stimulated when it is supposed to be attentive.  Sometimes, the brain self-corrects. When it doesn’t, this dys-regulation becomes “the new normal”. So it makes sense that we should be able to re-train the brain to function optimally, the way it was designed. In neurofeedback training, we work in conjunction with other treatments. When your brain is better regulated, it allows you to change behaviors and thoughts.

What happens in a NFB session?

Our Hypnotherapist will complete a thorough assessment with you and may have you fill out a survey listing your complaints and/or challenges that have brought you into the office.

You will next be placed in a quiet space, in a comfortable, reclining chair. The hypnotherapist will attach our neurofeedback devices your head that will feed your brain wave patterns into our program’s software.  Each training session builds of the success of the previous session and the practice with neurofeedback practice sessions they enjoy at home.

A neurofeedback training session is relaxing, enjoyable and typically lasts about 60 minutes. As the session starts, you will hear music play through earbuds.   While you are having a most enjoyable experience, we are looking directly at your brainwave activity.  From this information we quickly see the most effective ways to help you make the changes you want quickly.  The beautiful thing about using our MUSE neurofeedback program is that you can continue to practice it at home on at your office without having to continue to invest more money on training or therapy.  Our nerofeedback training launches success off the curvature of the earth!

Neurofeedback training is non-invasive. We are not shocking the brain; we are not manipulating the brain. We are reinforcing when the brain waves function in an optimal fashion for the task at hand.  In the video above the realtime read out indicates that this individual brainwaves are in excess of 1000 times greater than normal.  With continued practice the brain is trained to work at its optimum level in every area.  To see specific information as to what each brainwave means see the illustration below.

brainwave meaning

At the end of a session, you will most likely feel less stressed and more mentally clear. It is unlikely you will experience any negative after-effects as Neurofeedback does not artificially “push” the brain in any specific direction. Many users experience deeper sleep and vivid dreams after their very first session.

RoseHeart is at the center of brainwave research, but we are not alone, over 100 schools, universities, hospitials, and corporations have all joined forces to explore all of the benefits of Neurofeedback for our mental and physical health.   Ask your RoseHeart hypnotherapist about our neurofeedback training if you suffer from chronic pain, migraines, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, and addictions.  You may purchase our brainwave music and the neurofeedback device without going though our neurofeedback training at the RoseHeart Products area of our site.