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Traditional methods of weight loss have been proven to fail.  Why are they still used?  Because 46 billion dollars a year, are spent on them.  Well, we at RoseHeart have teamed up with some of the most innovative doctors in the United States who advocate that the reason people gain weight is due to an insulin imbalance.  Insulin captures sugar before it can be metabolized by the body.  This sugar is immediately taken to fat cells in the body so that it can be used in the future when extra energy is needed.  The requirement of extreme caloric reduction is not the answer for long-term weight loss.  The big question is what does extreme caloric reduction combined with stimulants to force the body to burn fat, and unfortunately, lean muscle mass.   ChiroThin, HCG, Medifast, New Direction, and NutriMed place the client on a starvation diet consisting of less than 1200 calories a day and while you will lose weight on these diets the weight returns once a normal diet is reintroduced.  In addition to the weight returning, these weight loss program throws the blood chemistry out of whack resulting in blood sugar levels yo-yoing, and leading to other medical conditions that must be treated.

Will Insurance Pay for The Magic Pill Program?

Well, the only one who can really answer that is your insurance company; however, their standard answer is no.  We have discovered a method that works for a majority of our clients.  We ask you to have your Primary Care Physician write a prescription for weight loss.  We will provide you with detailed receipts for you to submit to your insurance company.  Yes, we do place the proper CPT codes on our receipts and we detail each individual procedure performed at each session.  Most insurance companies will either reimburse the entire cost of the program, or a portion of the fee directly to you.

Magic Pill Weight Loss Program is one of our newest and most effective therapies for people who have failed with other weight loss programs or products.  We specifically designed this program to work with the body, our clients typically lose between 1 – 5 lbs per week.  This affordible therapy combines the use of CBT with intense hypnotherapy to change your relationship with food.

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The best part of The Magic Pill Program is the only thing you have to do is be willing to walk, and drink water.  Drinking water is essential since the supplements detox your body and the water flushes the toxins out of your system.  We as humans are designed to be “Hunters and Gathers” and as such our bodies are designed to eat small amounts of protein rich foods every 2 hours, and we walk.  With our programs the weight comes off slowly and safely giving your body the time it requires to allow the skin to return to a normal appearance.  With our program there is no counting calories, or foods you cannot have.  Eat normally, and simply walk.  

We all walk every day, but we really don’t know how many steps we take.  Pedometers are inaccurate because vibration, and bumps register as steps.  We use MisFit Activity trackers that are waterproof, and will track every form of activity from swimming, to yoga, walking, running, cycling, dancing, and everything in between.  After extensive trials between MisFit, Runtastic, FitBit, JawBone, and Vivobit, we selected MisFit to officially endorse.  The affordability (all models are between 19.99 for the FlashLink to the top end of 69.99 for the Shine).  We love working with folks as they become healthy!

Finally a weight loss program that works and is fast, fun, and easy!

5 months ago I decided it was time to regain my health.

                                   5 months ago I decided it was time to regain my health.

Melissa came to RoseHeart Hypnotherapy as a distance client.  Living in Los Angles her life was a state of constant change.  Embarking on a new career as a therapist, teaching at a local college, and yeah high blood pressure, cholesterol, and her weight was out of control.  BMI (body mass index) was 41.5 (Obesity III).  Melissa wasn’t interested in the standard thermogenic diet that forces the body to lose weight by using drastic caloric reduction and lots of physical activity.   Melissa simply didn’t have the time or the budget for special foods, joining a gym.  Melissa met a doctor though a client of hers who told her all of her issues could be resolved if she would simply get her blood work back to normal.  He began by telling her that the only physical activity she had to do was to simply walk, eat a normal diet, and listen to her body.  The first thing he did was stabilize her insulin levels.  Once her insulin levels were stable her cravings for carbs, disappeared.  She also began to find that foods she once loved and would eat often, simply didn’t appeal to her as much and she didn’t eat them very often.  Melissa found that the Magic Pill program got her blood chemistry to return to normal when the doctor ran her blood panels he confirmed that her blood chemistry had returned to the optimum levels.   One year later Melissa has released 90 lbs of fat, while retaining her lean muscle.  Her energy level is high,

Results from 8/22/15 to 4/14/16

       Results from 8/22/15 to 4/14/16

mental clarity is better than when she was 20.  Today Melissas BMI is 28.3 (Overweight) but no longer Obese.  Melissa continues the Magic Pill and has discontinued all of her other over the counter supplements.

This actual photograph shows the progression from obese  “normal” weight.  The secret is the Magic Pill program.  Allowing the natural supplements to detox the liver and kidneys, balancing the insulin levels the excess weight comes off.  One of the first questions we are asked is “what happens when I discontinue the supplements?  Well, nothing, the weight usually remains off; however, many of our clients continue to take the supplements even after they have reached their ideal weight because they feel so much better.

About how long before I can expect to reach my goal weight?

Everyone is different, and losing weight depends on your own body; however here is the formula we use in our practice:

Present weight, – Ideal weight from the chart = Amount of pounds of fat you need to lose.  Take the number of pounds of fat you need to lose and divide it by 7 (the average amount most people lose per month on our program) and the resulting number is the approximate number of months you will need to be in our program.

Commonly asked question:

Are there any ill effects that I may experience while I am on the program?  No, although some of our client report that during the first week they felt the effects of detoxing.  Not everyone does, but some client do.  Detox symptoms are: burping, reflux, feeling tired, flu like symptoms, blemishes (or breaking out on the skin), all of these symptom disappear quickly.

I am not seeing the number on the scale go down what’s wrong?  Nothing, your body simply may be replacing fat with muscle.  We tell our clients not to weigh themselves at home.  We will weigh you in our offices at ever visit.  We know the calibration of our scale and it is accurate, home scales usually aren’t accurate.  We recommend taking an outfit, or a shirt and a pair of slacks that are just a little tight.  Not so tight that you cannot get into them, but tight enough that you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing out in public.  Hang them in your bedroom where you can see them, and once a week on the same day and approximately the same time try the clothes on.  When they fit you know you have lost fat regardless of what the scale shows.

I go to the gym 3 times a week.  I take the cardio classes, spinning classes, aerobic workouts and the scale show my weight staying the same or going up.  What’s going on?  Congratulations on your dedication, you are building lots and lots of muscle.  In our program the only exercise we want you to do is walk.  Walking is the only form of exercise that our bodies were designed to do for a long time.  You need to count your steps, and we suggest either purchasing a watch type tracker, or downloading a free app for your smart phone.  We use the watch type tracker simply because all of us have a habit of not carrying our cell phones with us to the bathroom, down the hall, or when we check the mailbox.  All of those steps count, but we lose them.  The watch type tracker doesn’t lose those steps.  Your initial goal is 5000 steps a day, and slowly increase the number to 10,000, and finally 20,000 steps a day.  Walking 10,000 steps a day is classified as having a moderately active lifestyle, and walking 20,000 steps a day is considered an active lifestyle.  

I have tried ever Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, New Directions, and the HCG diet, but I have failed and the weight comes back with 25 to 35 pounds extra.  Why will your program work?  Our program is designed to work the way your body was designed to work.  Weight is a survival tool.  The subconscious prime directive is self preservation at all cost.  Our fat is our last line of defense against starvation.  The subconscious controls every aspect of our body that we do not consciously think about.  Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, medically supervised New Directions and the HCG force you reduce the number of calories you body requires, and speed up the rate your body is burning calories.  This creates a famine response in the subconscious and that response is slowing down the metabolism and shutting down the immune system.  Our program works with your body, stabilizing your insulin level and removing all of the toxins that are in your body.  You will not have to count calories, the hypnotherapy aspect of the program changes your relationship with food so there is no need to diet in any way, or purchase a gym membership.  Just simply follow the program, and walk.  The weight will come off, you will feel better, and the weight won’t return after you complete the program.  In addition we offer total support and accountability.  Everyone in our office regardless of releasing weight, or simply maintaining a healthy life style walk every day.  We ask you to download an application to your smartphone that will sync with your fitness tracker (if you don’t have a fitness tracker we will make some recommendations).  With this application you can see our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly steps, while we monitor yours as well.


What Our Clients have to Say:

After the first week I noticed my energy level went up, a lot and I lost weight and inches.  In just one week, I achieved more than I did on Jenny Craig. Thank you so much!  This has changed my life and is the very best way – Kurt, Jefferson City, MO.

I participated in the supplement clinical trial.  That means I had no hypnotherapy to help me.  I am excited that after one week when I weighed in I had lost inches!   My clothes are fitting me differently.  Joan, Jefferson City, MO.

I have so much more energy, and I am more than happy with the results I have so far.  The combination of hypnotherapy and the supplement spell success.  Today I tried on a leather jacket that my mom gave me.  I was never able to wear it because it was too small.  Today, I put it on for the first time and it fit beautifully.  This is so cool!  Kevin, Jefferson City, MO.

When I came in today I was sure I hadn’t lost any weight.  I had a super bad week, and I felt that I had eaten way too much.  To my surprise, I lost 5 lbs, and several inches off of my body.  I was shocked, surprised, and really happy!  Barbara, Jefferson City, MO.

There are no miracles when it comes to weight loss, but this is the closest thing to a miracle.  I ate normally, took the supplements, and I walked, the hypnotherapy is making the behavior modifications that I need.   That’s it, no dieting, no counting calories, no special foods, and I am back in control!  This is affordable, and I paid for it using my Health Savings Account.  Beth, Jefferson City, MO.

When I came to RoseHeart I weighed 345 lbs.  I was unhappy, tired, and my knees and joints hurt all the time.  The doctor put me on blood pressure medication and he was strongly suggesting that I go on pills to regulate my blood sugar.  I knew I had to do something to take my life back.  As I weighed in today, I weigh 293, I am never hungry and my joints don’t hurt.  I walk almost everyday and I average 10,000 steps.  The weight keeps coming off.  This is easy and it is a god send.  I see light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t an oncoming train!  Robert, Jefferson City, MO.

The Magic Pill works!  I am down 10 lbs in 2 weeks, without dieting, and no exercise!!! Candi, Jefferson City, MO.

After just one week, my jeans are fitting me differently.  I didn’t change my diet, I feel better, with more energy, I love these supplements! Sara, Jefferson City, MO.

I live on fast food.  “I eat junk food, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Hardy’s, pizza, Captain D’s fish everyday.  My mom gave me a trial pack to try, I lost 8 lbs and  5 3/8 inches.  Pretty amazing stuff.”  Norman, Holts Summit, MO.

I was scheduled for a gastric bypass, and I had even started the pre procedure classes.  I came into RoseHeart at the urging of my mother.  I am so glad I did.  Dr. Newman explained the side effects of the gastric bypass, my doctor didn’t do that.  He also explained to me his weight loss programs.  I signed up immediately and I am so glad I did.  I have never lost weight so easily before.  No counting calories, carbs, special foods, points, or anything the other things that never worked for me in the past.  I can eat real food, whatever I want!  All I am asked to do is walk.  I do that anyway.  The fat keeps melting from my body.  I am happy again, and I never fixate on food any more.  Sara, Jefferson City, MO.

I cannot believe the level of support I am receiving.  I cannot believe that you guys meet with me after work and walk with me to make sure I get all of my steps in.  I have never lost inches so easily in my life.  Dawn, Jefferson City, MO.

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