Bilateral Hypnosis Therapy

Bilateral Hypnosis for Success

We all know that emotions have a direct effect on the body.  Emotions are housed in the subconscious, and unfortunately the s13-21664-largeubconscious cannot tell the difference between an actual even happening to you, or one that you are reading about, or seeing on a movie screen.  The subconscious simply reacts to everything as if it were really happening to you in the present.  The illustration to the right is a thermograph image of the human body during several emotions.  The colored signatures are where the body is highly active and the more red or yellow the image the more blood flow is there (heat) the more blue the image, the less blood flow is there (cold).  Remember the subconscious is only responding to information it has stored over the years.  The information or memories have a direct relationship to our health, the way we work, process information, communicate with others, our temper, our interests, and the list goes on and on.  

Bilateral hypnosis allows us to reprogram how the subconscious acts and reacts to those memories and behaviors.  Additionally, Bilateral hypnosis allows us to train the brain to use both hemispheres of the brain at the same time.  This increases our ability to lean and perform.  Children before the age of 8 are using both hemispheres of there brain at the same time.  This is why an infant, toddler, and young child can learn things so quickly and retain them though out there entire life.  Bilateral hypnosis uses standard hypnosis combined with neuro feedback so we can actually measure what the brainwaves are doing at any moment.  Areas where Bilateral hypnosis has been proven effective are:  Autism, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, BiPolar disorder, Addiction Recovery, Relationship Therapy, Retraining the motor function of stroke and brain injured victims, increase the performance in all sports, from grade school though professional rankings.

Bilateral hypnosis therapy allows the therapist and the client to work as a team using the client’s brainwaves in real time to achieve results that up until now would have been considered impossible.  Bilateral hypnosis is rising to the forefront in the clinical sitting since major universities and medical schools have started using the MindWave EEG Headsets.  Once, the client has been evaluated we immediately begin to teach the client how to use and benefit from using the Neuro Feedback headset to achieve the desired results in lightening speed.

Brain Wave1Bilateral hypnosis results in higher test scores on school exams and in classes in general, greater productivity at work, and increased pleasure in ones personal life. The client will learn exactly how powerful their mind is as they control computer programs with just their brainwaves.  Increasing self confidence, attention to detail, and increase personal and professional success in every aspect of their life.  This extreme concentration combined with extreme relaxation at the same

This therapy, is customized specifically for the client.  So a child for example may learn how to use the power of their brain to control devices such as computer programs, flying toys, and other tasks without physically interacting with a computer keyboard, and an adult may focus on accomplishing personal and professional goals using the power of the human brain.  We have the ability in our office to teach you how to use both hemispheres of the brain.

Brainwaves Not Thoughts is the secret to our success!
Measuring EEG activity has traditionally required complex equipment costing thousands of dollars. Now, with our research-grade, embeddable biosensor, NeuroSky has unlocked a new world of affordable solutions for health and wellness, education and entertainment. Precisely accurate, portable, and noise filtering, our EEG biosensors collect electrical signals — not actual thoughts — to translate brain activity into action.

We use NeuroSky’s EEG biosensor which digitizes and amplifies raw analog brain signals to deliver concise inputs to games, toys, and devices running health and wellness, educational and research applications. NeuroSky’s brainwave algorithms, developed  neuroscientists and  partner research institutions, have revealed many new ways to interact with our world.

Much of our research is driveing innovation in how to develop and improve the human mind. The NeuroSky platform provides a powerful foundation for developing applications that promote improved focus, concentration, working memory, and mind acuity. Other uses include meditation, relaxation monitoring, and improved educational processes. 

What people are saying about Bilateral hypnosis combined with Brainwave analysis.  

Dealing with an autistic child is never easy but “Dr. David was amazing with Nicholas – and Me!  I look forward to continuing our sessions.  The MindWave headset has been ordered and is being shipped.  Thanks so much!” Connie Houlihan, St. Louis, Missouri

I have found Dr. Newman’s approaches completely refreshing and productive.  I have consulted with Dr. Newman on several very difficult cases where psychologist, medical doctors, neuro scientist, and psychiatrist, have failed, yet Dr. Newman has succeeded each and every time, not in years but in weeks and months.  Dr. Newman is the only person I trust with my most difficult clients.  Lisa R. Machenburg, Certified Hypnotherapist, Malibu, California.

I have observed Dr. Newman work with my patients in the hospital and in hospice.  While his understanding of neuroscience and the subconscious is beyond amazing, I am most impress with the quantum leaps his therapies make in my patients.  I do not praise one easily, but what his therapies have produced are nothing short of a miracle and it is duplicatable, and evidenced based.  Dr. Samual Breyfield, DO, Lake of the Ozark, Missouri


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