Everyone Wants The Perfect Relationship, Most Will Never Have it….Until Now!IMG_0112One of the most enjoyable areas  of my practice is when a client comes in with a relationship issue.  Usually, the relationship is in crisis, and my client feels that they are just about at the end of their rope.  Perhaps taking a break, or seperation and divorce have been discussed, sometimes, we catch it before it gets that far; however, regardless where you are in the relationship dance, you can have the perfect realtionship, the one you have always dreamed of.

Imagine what your life would be like, if you could communicate with anyone, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, coworkers, boss, friends, or even children, get them to do whatever you wanted them to do, without any drama?  Without any manipulation, without making demands, and without hurt feelings.  Is that even possible?  Sound too good to be true?  It isn’t.  All relationships, personal, social, and romantic are based on our subconscious lifescript, and that lifescript was started at conception and was finished being written at age 14.  So, here is the bottom line.  The relationship you have not, or had in the past is the direct result of a learned behavior or set of behaviors that have been internalized at the subconscious level.  The subconscious controls every aspect of our life that we do not consciously have to think about doing.  And we can change that subconscious programming.  RoseHeart specializes in handling the most difficult cases.  Most of our clients are referred to us by psychologist, who haven’t been able to get their clients past the issues.  We do., but we don’t want to charge you for therapy if we can quickly and easily help you fix the issue yourself.  So we have created a short class to teach you how to make these positive changes in your life, and we are giving it to you for free.  Just sign up for the class.  It is available 24/7 and is available for your phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, or desktop.  Just click on the Charles Dindenger Academy name to enroll.  If after taking the class, you are still having issues, then give us a call.  We will resolve your relationship issues fast!

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