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Knowledge is the secret of success, unfortunately too many of us invest thousands of dollars in classes, seminars and let’s face it even our university education is often 20 years or more outdated.  For years, we have gone to the so-called experts, people who can talk a good story but have never actually done anything other than teach.  We understand your frustration and we have a solution.  We ofter custom training in areas of business, sales, communication, negotiation, and subconscious behaviorism and neuroscience.  Each of our instructors teaches in the area(s) where they practice.  This class is a wonderful combination of theory with practical knowledge that only comes by being taught by people who are actually successful.  We will be posting short videos about classes as they are forming, but if you are serious about your career, job, profession, vocation, or life in general, well, one of our classes may be just the solution you have been looking for.

Imagine the fun, power, and confidence you will have when you use our program never fail techniques that are based on neuroscience, behaviorism, psychology, and over 200,000 years of evolution of our brains to act in react in certain ways.  Now we have developed a program that will make you a total Guru!  


Asking for a raise and knowing you cannot be turned down no matter what! 

Walking into a meeting and taking total control without anyone ever knowing that you are in control.

Suddenly having employees, coworkers, managers, and executives look at you as the go-to person and reward you with raises, bonus’, and promotions!

Being in total control of every situation no matter what.  Multitasking projects without stress

Multitasking projects without stress.  

Going out on sales calls and never being told no, and better yet doing one stop closes that work every time!

For the first time, you will know exactly what to say to a prospect, how to say it, and how to make your presentation an absolute winner.  Imagine having your close rate at 98% every single day.  

Sound too good to be true?  It isn’t, our instructors have an are in the trenches every day speaking with prospects, cold calling, and selling direct (network), insurance, retail, automobile, jewelry, and everything in between.  We have invested over 100,000 hours of research, testing, and perfecting our program.  Simply our program will make you a total success in every aspect of your life.  You will never find our secrets in any book, audio recording, or lecture other than our own.

We provide you 20 hours of webinar training, with 10 individual 30-minute sessions with Dr. David Newman, C. Ht. and our special emergency hotline, so we can handle a unique crisis situation for you.

You get: books, workbooks,  20 hours of live webinar training

All textbooks in PDF format

workbooks in PDF format  

20 hours of live webinar training

10 individual custom 30-minute coaching sessions with Dr. David Newman, C. Ht. using FaceTime, Join.Me, or Skype all for just $2,500 dollars.





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