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One of the most interesting areas of hypnotherapy deals with the afterlife.  This is an area where everyone has questions, and many of continue to research this area.  Spiritual Regression and Progression is not Past Life Regression!  SRP is an amazing area that provides the client with answers to Who am I?, Why am I here?, Where do I come from?, What am I supposed to with my life?  Why are certain things happening to me over and over again?  Often times we find that Spiritual Regression in a clinical setting can answer these questions and hundreds of thousands more questions.  

Spiritual regression is helpful regardless of anyone individual religious beliefs. Unlike regular hypnosis that deals with the subconscious, spiritual regression uses the superconscious mind and this requires the hypnotherapist to place the client into a theta brainwave state.  This is far beyond the typical delta wave state that is used for standard hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  

What is Spiritual Regression?   The regression explores a client’s soul memories from the last past life to the current life using deep hypnosis.  The client returns to wakeful consciousness with a clear understanding and commitment to their life purpose.  Some of the soul memories include the past life death, leaving the physical body and being welcomed by Spirit of Light such as Spirit Guides and Teachers.  Many clients discover a spiritual family of souls they reincarnate with to do meaningful work over many lifetimes that are called soul groups.

A highlight of the regression is meeting the “Elders.”  These are Spirits of Light that have attained a level of experience and wisdom that does not require them to physically reincarnate.  They review the progress the soul before them and can replay past lives and discuss them until the soul understands what will be expected in the next life.  

Without fail, our clients report that they have a feeling of undescribable  love, compassion and participation as the soul is lead to the council room where physical incarnation if this life is explained.  Goals are set based on the patterns from previous karmic experiences and new lessons are agreed between the should and its Spirit Guide and the Elders.  

How is Spiritual Regression Used in a Clinical Setting?   Often clients are looking for direction or answers as to why events in their life seem to happen over and over.  When all other efforts to correct the situation have failed the clients usually find us and ask for help.  Using Spiritual Regression we have found that our clients discover the answer they have been looking for.  Sometimes it is a lesson that must be learned, it may be a situation of Karma, or it may be an attempt by the universe to bring us back on our life path.  Regardless of the reason, our clients have without fail discover a deep fulfilling purpose in their life, a new clarity in decision-making, and a sense of restored joy and happiness.

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