Using Brainwave Technology to Increase Profits

How To Use Brainwave Technology To Grow Your Six Figure Practice-Workshop

As Hypnotherapist most of us are well trained on resolving pretty major issues; however, what could be accomplished if you taught your clients exactly how to harness the power of their own mind to resolve these issues and hundred of thousands more equally important issues that are holding them back.  

How much more value could you offer to your clients, and revenue could you generate if you could teach how to use their brain to resolve all of their issues.  In this workshop you will learn exactly what brainwaves to target, how to enhance them to achieve the absolute best results possible.  Once you have seen the Brainwave technology in place and exactly how it works, then the sky and your imagination are the only boundries to the benefits you can provide your clients, and the fees that you can earn.  The brain scan above is from an actual client.  Notice how the client naturally uses their brain this person naturally approaches all issues logically, reasonably, and rationally.  But with only a few hours of training we increased this clients ability to find new and exciting outside of the box solutions.  The results translated into a 30% increase in his income.  This is what your client is looking for immediate, evidence based solutions, combined with hypnotherapy.  The results are truly amazing.

What you will receive:

Included in this workshop is your own MUSE.  You will receive this directly from us prior to the workshop.  We will teach you how to set it up and use it on your own equipment.  In addition you will receive the Brainwave Music Bundle with the music to enhance your clients, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Theta brainwaves.  Additionally you will learn exactly how to use the device and the music to achieve your clients goals.

As workbook in PDF format that you can use, and additional handouts that you can use with your clients.  We include this as a PDF because we want you to use the forms and handouts freely with your clients and personally, I wouldn’t want to have to purchase additional materials if I absolutely didn’t have to.

Complete marketing materials, including telephone scripts for inbound phone inquiries, initial meeting format, and client session suggestions in outline format for the areas of: wealth, sports performance, work performance, test anixiety, and confidence.

In addition you will receive (4) 30 minute one on one coaching sessions with Dr. David Newman, via a secured internet virtual classroom.

Investment in this 12 video hour is conducted in our secured video classroom, or the 2 day in our in-house training of the MUSE BrainWave Technology, workbook, forms, marketing materials, and 4 personal secured video coaching sessions is a one time payment of $1,200.00.  Our in-house training can be specifically designed to cover in additional depth areas that you wish to specialize in.  This is perfect for individuals who are working with family members, or clients with specific needs.