Using Brainwave Technology to Increase Profits

How To Use Brainwave Technology To Grow Your Six Figure Practice-Workshop

Hypnotherapy has for years had an conflict when it came to Medical/Dental hypnotherapy.  Medical doctors are taught if it isn’t on the test results it doesn’t exist.  Likewise in school doctors are taught that when someone is sick it is because the body is defective and so as doctors they rely on “correct the defect (symptoms) but not address the referring issue that is causing the problem.”  We know and understand that the subconscious mind is in control of our entire body.  The way we think is the way we are; however, for the first time every each of us can use EEG brainwave technology in our own practice.  Imagine the possibilities of getting down to a root issue and actually being able to show the client their brain image, in color and immediately on your iPad, tablet, Android or iPhone?

This technology is so important that these orgaizations have partnered with us to perfect this technology so it can be used for research, in private practice, and even at the consumer level.

Marketing Plans:

What are the most profitable areas to market this service?  Yeah we have all heard the stories of people making thousands of dollars with goods, services, or products, but the way that made that money is a total mystery.  Not with us, the hottest areas to market into are: Academic improvement, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, Lawyers, Sales Professionals, Premed Students, Medical Residence, Executives, and Middle Management, have proven to be the most profitable for us.  Additionally, we conduct group sessions, and individual sessions using the MUSE.  The results are amazing and corporate clients are ready and willing to pay you to increase their profits.

What you will receive:

Included in this workshop is your own MUSE.  You will receive this directly from us prior to the workshop.  We will teach you how to set it up and use it on your own equipment.  In addition you will receive the Brainwave Music Bundle with the music to enhance your clients, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Theta brainwaves and a lifetime license to use our brainscan software.  Additionally you will learn exactly how to use the device and the music to achieve your clients goals.

As workbook in PDF format that you can use, and additional handouts that you can use with your clients.  We include this as a PDF because we want you to use the forms and handouts freely with your clients and personally, I wouldn’t want to have to purchase additional materials if I absolutely didn’t have to.  Detailed instruction on conducting brainwave scans and understanding the results.  In the scans you will see exactly the areas of the brain that are active, and what brainwaves are active in that area, how to enhance the brainwave activity in that area or move the activity into another area so you client will perform at their peak.

Complete marketing materials, including telephone scripts for inbound phone inquiries, initial meeting format, and client session suggestions in outline format for the areas of: wealth, sports performance, work performance, test anixiety, and confidence.

In addition you will receive (4) 30 minute one on one coaching sessions with Dr. David Newman, via a secured internet virtual classroom.

Investment in this 12 video hour is conducted in our secured video classroom, or the 2 day in our in-house training of the MUSE BrainWave Technology, workbook, forms, marketing materials, and 4 personal secured video coaching sessions is a one time payment of $1,200.00.  Our in-house training can be specifically designed to cover in additional depth areas that you wish to specialize in.  This is perfect for individuals who are working with family members, or clients with specific needs.