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Knowledge is power and education is the key.  Our seminars and webinars are offered worldwide.  Many live seminars are streamed and they are great; however, I like to ask questions, voice opinions, and really dig deep, unfortunately, a traditional streaming seminar just doesn’t work for me.  I need something where I can get more involved.  There was nothing out there that I found that could offer me the overall experience found in a seminar yet having the intimacy of a classroom setting, until now.  We have created such a teaching environment.

Live Seminars:  Live seminars are held throughout the United States and many other countries.  The Live Seminars include all workbooks, handouts, and other materials that will allow the attendee to immediately start using the information they have learned immediately.  Our format is always a 30-10-30.  Thirty-minute presentation, 10-minute break, and thirty-minute presentation.  The reason for this format is pretty simple.  Above 30 minutes of focus on anything and the conscious mind is overloaded and will enter a state of hypnosis.  The hippocampus (the structure of the brain most closely aligned to memory formation) becomes overloaded and needs time to cycle (process information) so we take 10 full minutes outside of the seminar area to allow that process to occur.  Once the process is complete we begin again for another 30 minutes.  We repeat this pattern until we break for lunch or dinner.  This format has proven over the past 30 years to be the most effective format to maximize learning.

Streaming Seminars:  Streaming seminars are often live streamed; however, we do record our seminars and sometimes stream them as well.  Our streaming seminars follow a 20-5-20 format that is 20 minutes of computer presentation then we break for 5 minutes (completely away from the computer) and then begin again for another 20 minutes.  The reason for this different format is because the pulsing of the computer, tablet, or phone screen will overload the hippocampus in 20 minutes so we must give it 5 minutes to recycle and then we start again.  Streaming seminars allow the attendees to type questions that they have, and they are answered in real time.  Additionally after the seminar we often have established video chat rooms where the attendees can meet and ask their questions to the presenter on video.  This interaction has proven highly successful for all those who attend.

Streaming Classes:  Take a look at all of upcoming seminars and webinars and find the one that you want to attend, then sign up.  Choose to attend a live seminar that is being presented in your area or a webinar, that offers the time and flexibility to fit into your own schedule.  Streaming classes are highly limited to a maximum of 10 people or 5 couples.  All the class participants will be able to see everyone in the class as well as the presenter.   These classes are broken into 30-minute segments with a break and then another 30-minute segment.  Questions will be heard as they are asked by everyone in the class resulting in a highly effective learning environment.   Individual tutoring or counseling sessions are scheduled and are web based as well in a private room.  Confidentially is totally protected and your privacy is assured.

Streaming Professional Training Classes:  We realize that for the professional time is money.  Every second spent in class is the time that could be spent seeing a client and generating revenue.  We totally understand, after all, we too are practicing professionals too.  Streaming classes are held to a maximum of 250 attendees and all questions are typed into a real-time message box and the answer is returned either in the training class by the presenter or via a personal message or an email.  During each break, the seminar room is shifted to a live interactive room where questions can be asked and answers returned via the video.  Think of it as a huge video chat conference.  These classes are designed along the lines of “Case Studies” and are highly interactive.  Our Professional Training Classes are taught worldwide and usually during “off hours” in your specific time zone.