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Good Day Dr. Newman:  I wanted to express to you how pleased and shocked I am by our remote session.  To be honest, I didn’t think it would work.  Amazing, I am in the United Kingdom, and you are in the United States yet through the magic of FaceTime you performed such a magical session with immediate results.  This morning, I performed a 2-hour presentation flawlessly!  No fear, no nerves, just confidence.  Thank you again for a job well done.

Collin, Liverpool, UK

Hi Dr. Newman:  I just wanted to thank you for giving me my life back.  I am also so grateful for my psychologist for recommending you, I only wish that she had referred me to you to treat my PTSD 2 years earlier.  After years of medication, therapy, group therapy, and not sleeping at night, I cannot tell you what it feels like to be off of medication, no more therapy, and I sleep like a baby.  No flashbacks, no uncontrollable crying, no more uncontrollable anger.  I feel wonderful.  I was amazed that it only took two sessions.  The last time I met with my psychologist she was amazed too, but she also smiled and said: “yeah he is the real deal.”

Jamie, Holts Summit, MO. 

Good Morning Doctor Newman: Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU! 11:00 am today is my official 1 year of not smoking. YIPPEE! I am so very happy we contacted you about this problem. Thanks to you, my life and many of my family and friends lives have a better quality of life. Keep up the good work and have a great day,

Jean Carpenter

My company brought Dr. Newman in to treat me for anxiety that was so bad it was affecting my work. In one session he removed my anxiety. I feel wonderful and I no longer have this problem. Thanks, Dr. Newman! You saved me from a life of taking anti-anxiety pills.
Lisa – Columbia, MO

I am going to become a nurse but I had this problem. I would worry being around sick people. It was to the point that I would make myself physically sick because all I would do is worry. In two sessions with Dr. Newman, he reframed my thinking, removed the anxiety, increased my confidence, and best of all I no longer worry about being around people who are ill.
Brianne – Jefferson City, MO

I made an appointment with Dr. Newman because I needed some help with my focus and attention span. I have a moderate ADD condition. In on session he removed all of my symptoms of ADD. I have increased focus, less anxiety, and I am able to devote more attention to my practice.
Buddy Breyfield, DO, Lake of the Ozarks, MO

I came in for weight loss. Dr. Newman’s weight loss program is a flat fee for unlimited visits and this made my mom and me feel comfortable. Beginning with my first session I have lost 3 pounds per week without dieting, being hungry, or anything. My energy level is up and I now have a craving for exercise. The best part is I can eat whatever I want.
Katelyn – Jefferson City, MO.

I wanted to lose weight and get in shape. Dr. Newman performed far beyond my expectations. The weight came off, and the shaping up was easy.
Jeff – Holts Summit, MO.

Dr. Newman removed my anxiety, lack of confidence, poor attitude, and compulsive nature in only two sessions. I had been seeing a psychotherapist for two years and even he said he could not believe the changes Dr. Newman created in me.
Billie – Jefferson City, MO.

My husband met Dr. Newman and suggested I go to him to stop smoking. It was quick and easy. I am now saving the $70.00 I spent smoking and putting towards a vacation.
Ann – Jefferson City, MO.

I came to Dr. Newman because he had been recommended to me by a friend. I smoked a bit more than 1 pack a day. Dr. Newman’s program worked for me and I am now smoke-free, without weight gain, moodiness, and no withdrawal.
Dan Carpenter – Jefferson City, MO.

I stopped smoking after just one session with Dr. Newman. I can be around my friends who smoke and it doesn’t brother me in the slightest. I just have no desire to smoke.
Jean Carpenter – Jefferson City, MO.

I came in to lose weight and boy did I lose it. Thanks, Dr. Newman!
Kristi – Loose Creek, MO.

My son was having issues at school. He is 12 years old with ADD. The teachers said he disrupted the class all the time. His grades were low, and he wasn’t living up to his potential. At home, his temper was out of control. Dr. Newman explained the situation to us and then treated my son. After the two sessions with you, I took my son to the Doctor for a check up, and I told him about you. My Doctor said I don’t know what Dr. Newman did, or how he did it, but your son no longer has ADHD and we are discontinuing all medication for him. I am also writing the same in his medical record so the school will be informed. Dr. Newman, you gave me back the boy I always knew was there.
Kim – Jefferson City, MO.

Dr. Newman, you have saved my marriage by teaching my wife and I how to communicate with each other. I never knew that emotional and physicals talked so differently. I have taken my new communication skills to work with me and life is so much easier.
Kevin Wallace – Jefferson City, MO

I was referred to Dr. Newman by the American Hypnosis Association. I spoke with him via Skype because I am in the United Kingdom and Dr. Newman is in Missouri. I have been unemployed, fighting with depression and total lack of motivation. Dr. Newman did a video session with me over the computer. Prior to the session, I had convinced myself that this would never work; however, I had already paid for the session so I was going to use it. I could never have been more wrong. When I came out of hypnosis, I felt unstoppable. I was motivated, ready to take action and I was seeing things in a more clear light. The next day my wife said my energy level was extraordinarily high and I was focused. I believe the term she used was driven! I highly recommend Dr. Newman.
Colin – United Kingdom

I came to have my son evaluated by you. He has mildly severe autism. In the 50 minutes you spent with him you established immediate rapport, and got him to communicate is something other than grunts and you stopped his violent outburst of anger. His Doctors are amazed and so am I.
Jennifer – Columbia, MO.

I came to Dr. Newman for pain management. I am a competitive long distance runner that has back issues. My doctors could only offer me narcotics to help with the pain. Dr. Newman removed all of the pain in only one session.
Karl – Russellville, MO.

I smoked for over 30 years. I had tried everything to stop smoking but nothing worked. Dr. Newman had me smoke-free in one session. I didn’t gain weight, have a craving, or suffer in any way. I would never have believed it.
Carleta Hawkins – Kirksville

I smoked a lot and never successfully quit. Dr. Newman’s program worked for me and I believe it will work for anyone. He made it so easy!
Nancy Hammond – Jefferson City, MO

I have completed Dr. Newman’s Smoking Cessation program and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I have no desire to light up even when I am with friends who are smoking. I love this program.
Janelle Jaegers – Linn, MO.

For years, I have lived in constant pain that stops me from working. The Doctors I have couldn’t help me but Dr. Newman did. He stopped the pain without the use of drugs.
Jerry – Fulton, MO.

I entered Dr. Newman’s smoking cessation program on June 08. I stopped smoking the day I entered the program and have had no desire to smoke since. I am amazed.
Kenneth – Columbia, MO. 

I came to Dr. Newman for substance abuse and alcohol abuse. I have been in treatment programs, seen psychologist, and medical doctors. Nothing worked. I met Dr. Newman and from the moment I met him I knew things would be different. He removed my desire for Drugs and alcohol and also removed the withdrawal symptoms. Of course, he worked with my medical doctors who I might add was floored with the speedy results.
John – Jefferson City, MO.

I have lived in horrible pain for years. My doctor at JCMG kept giving me pain prescriptions that never worked. Finally, he told me I would just have to learn to live with it. I heard Dr. Newman on the radio and I made an appointment. I saw him 3 times and I am totally pain-free. My doctor cannot explain my results.
Mary – Jefferson City, MO.

Dr. Newman came to my work and gave a little talk about hypnotherapy. I have always had a little weight problem so I went to him. I had two sessions with him and the weight came right off and has not returned.
Ashley – Jefferson City, MO.

I am doing fabulous….I can’t say I really think about having a cigarette because even when having a refreshing beverage I don’t even have the desire to light up, I have been around smoking on several occasions and it hasn’t really bothered me either. I have had to walk out to get fresh air but other than that, I do not have the urge to light up. Have a great day!
Janelle – Linn , MO.

I’ve been doing really well. I occasionally have had some stronger cravings which I deal with by chewing gum. That has worked really well and it has only been a few times that I seemed to have these moments. I had a dream on two different occasions that I was smoking a cigarette. I have not smoked at all, though.
Jesse – St. Louis , MO.


Personal and Working Relationships Testimonial

Hi Dr. Newman, I took your seminar on April 3, 2016.  I was impressed and surprised at how complete it was, I really felt like I got more than my money worth.  I wanted to let you know that yesterday I had a very important interview for a new job.  I didn’t tell anyone but I spent my last dollar on your seminar.  Well, let me tell you, I went into the interview with a totally new confidence.  I quickly determined how the 3 people in the room conducting the interview liked to receive information.  In a matter of seconds, I was in total control.  It was actually enjoyable, I knew that I was going push to be immediately hired.  At the close of the interview, they asked me if I had any other questions and I said yes.  I was wondering when they expected to make their decision.  They looked at each other and said within the week, they had a lot of discussion about the interviewees.  I immediately responded with I am sorry I wasted your time, please remove me from consideration because by the end of the day I will have already found my new position.  They looked stunned.  I said I understood if they needed to speak to the actual decision maker and I would wait.  Dr. Newman, they actually got the decision maker, he came in, and I closed him.  He offered a salary much higher than I expected, and I immediately followed your teaching and immediately got him to increase the offer by 30%.  It was amazing how everything happened just like you said it would.  Thanks!  Olivia D, Grand Rapids, MI

Hi Dr. Newman, Things are going well! You know, I actually have noticed myself analyzing people based on E&P. I’ve pretty much figured out who are the physicals and who are the emotionals are in the office where I work. It definitely makes it easier to relate to them and understand where they’re coming from.
Jennifer – Columbia , MO.

Hi Dr. Newman, when I first came to you, I wanted help getting over a bad relationship and you accomplished it in record time, but in the process I learned how to form great romantic relationships, and then how to use those principles in every aspect of my personal and professional life.  I have left a job that I was super good at, and entered a career field that I have always loved.  You taught me how to play the “game” in my professional life so that doors are opening to me that I never imagined would.  Oh yeah, and I couldn’t be happier.

Kristen, Osage Beach

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